Should I Repair or Replace My Leaky AC?

A Drop in the “Budget”: Should I Repair or Replace My Leaky AC?

If you’re losing your cool over a leaky AC, have no fear: Not all drips indicate a need for a new unit. In some cases, you’re just one repair away from a stress-free solution.

Worried you already have a major meltdown on your hands, or it’s time for more than a tuneup? Check out these tips on what to do when you notice a leak in your AC system.

Know that AC Leaks are a Common Problem

Cool air is essential for our homes. For this reason, at the first sign of any AC issue, it’s natural to panic; however, leaks aren’t unusual, and they don’t always signal disaster. In fact, more than half of all house calls for AC maintenance start with a simple leak.

AC Repair ROI: When it comes to repairing versus replacing, we’ve found that the age of your current unit plays a major role in a repair’s return on investment (ROI). While it’s a good idea to replace your AC unit every 10 years, generally if your system is less than a decade old, and the fix is under $5,000, your best bet is the repair.

Consider the Source

AC leaks spring for many reasons. The following issues commonly show up in the form of a leak:

  • Damage to the Overflow Pan – cracks and other blemishes on your AC’s overflow pan can keep this device from properly collecting normal condensation, which results in the appearance of a leak.
  • An Overused Filter – a dirty filter can hinder an even air flow, which can eventually cause ice to form on and then leak from a unit’s evaporator coils.
  • A Congested Condensation Line – condensation lines can become backed up, resulting in a typical AC issue. This vital AC lifeline works with the overflow pan to combat residual condensation – if it becomes clogged, it can cause a mini flood.

Don’t Wait for the Leak to Get Worse

The risk of damage to your AC unit or home depends on the problem, as well as how fast you act. Changing a clogged filter or patching an overflow pan may seem like an easy DIY solution, it isn’t always that simple. A professional is still your best bet for proper diagnosis and repair. A temporary fix can make way for worse problems, leading to costly future repairs or the untimely need for a new unit.

Frequently, homeowners wait to address an AC issue for anxiety over cost; however, an unchecked problem can quickly turn a leak to a torrent. Investing in regular maintenance with a company membership from a HVAC company is a great way to avoid surprise repair expenses.

Want to learn more about the status of your AC? Contact us to schedule a service call and take advantage of our up-front pricing. Can’t wait? We do offer 24-hour emergency AC repair when you need it most.